Treatment & Prices (for men & women)

For Reflexology, Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD), Aromatherapy and Reiki.  On your first appointment there will be a consultation on your medical history, to find out why you are here and what you would like from your treatment.  Expect to overrun up to 10 minutes; I do not charge for this extra time. All sessions are hourly unless where specified.  Treatments are individualised to suit your needs and requirements. 

Offers for Reflexology, RLD & Aromatherapy

  • New Client Receives £5 Off Their 1st Session, only.

  • Over 70's Receive £10 Off Sessions.

Payment for Reflexology, RLD and Reiki can be made immediately after treatment or in advance, preferably by BACS, Cheque or via PayPal.  I do not have a  card reader.

Petts Wood Massage & Reflexology

The Initial Consultation is free and is up to an hour and all sessions are an hour.  If you prefer Zoom or in person, do let me know at the time of booking.  I offer discounted group sessions via Zoom.  Prices for SFH. For more detailed information on SFH, use the title link or page tab.


If you require a receipt for reimbursement from your healthcare provider, please let me know.  Receipts are emailed to you.

Bookings & Cancellations

Please allow 24 hours notice to cancel or change your appointment as there will be a 50% cancellation charge due to room rental payment plus loss of slot, even if your session is via Zoom.

1 hour £50.00 

Good for pain control, stress, anxiety, sleep, relaxation, energy, pregnancy, immunity, constipation, aches & pains, circulation, digestive, depression, asthma, kidney function, PMS, menopause, men's health, etc. (See page on Reflexology). Reflexology restores homeostasis (balance), enabling the body to heal itself more effectively.

1 hour £50.00

RLD stimulates the lymphatic system and kick starts it into action immediately, to drain excess fluids, fat, toxins and other bodily waste products away from your cells for elimination. It keeps your lymphatics  working effectively. RLD is effective for lymphoedema (researched; see page on RLD), oedema, digestive, chronic fatigue, inflammation, sinusitis, allergies, eczema, illness recovery, etc. (see page on RLD)


45 to 60mins  £45

Relax and re-energise mentally, emotionally and spiritually with this ancient Japanese energy method, Usui Shiki Ryoho, to balance your mind and soul  to release negative energy, leaving you feeling extremely relaxed, calm and balanced. 

Foot Massage

1 hour  £50

Relieve tired, aching feet with this extremely relaxing or firm massage with some reflexology techniques with or without essential oils,  leaving you feeling lighter, refreshed and energised. 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy treatment focuses on what it is that you want to achieve, we do not talk about the past.  This could be to help with chronic pain, weight loss, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, relaxation, sleep, relationship, anger, eating disorders, smoking and so on.  The Initial Consultation is free and is an hour's session, all other weekly sessions are an hour and how many you require depends on the issue and individual (usually between 3 and 12, or more) and your commitment / progress.  Detailed information and PRICES.


Complementary medicine is not intended to replace the relationship with your primary healthcare provider and is complementary to medical treatment and should not be regarded as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.  The information, service and treatment provided is not used to prescribe, diagnose or treat a health problem or disease.  Complementary medicine is not a substitute for medical care.  If you have or suspect you have a health problem, you should consult your GP.

Aromatherapy Massage

1 hour £50 or 90mins  £75

A choice from either an hour's aromatherapy massage working on your chosen areas of stress, or a full body aromatherapy massage lasting 90 minutes for a totally relaxing experience.